Direction to referee - slide tackling

Direction To Referee Regarding Slide Tackles

The Ladies Recreational Soccer Club has a “NO SLIDE TACKLE RULE”.

The purpose of this rule is to minimise the chance of injury to players.

A slide tackle is defined as any player going to ground to win the ball.


This direction is intended to be in addition to the F.I.F.A. Rules regarding tackles.

The referee is expected to apply their judgement as to the degree of seriousness of all fouls committed and apply F.I.F.A. sanctions for the more serious offences.


All Slide Tackles, regardless of playing distance from an opponent, shall be rewarded with a free kick to the non-offending team.

Therefore a slide tackle that occurs at a distance where there is no possibility of injury to an opponent will still be called an offence awarding a free kick, however no yellow card shall be shown.


The Goalkeeper is permitted to go to ground in the process of blocking the progress of the ball while making a save. However, any feet first tackle that is careless, reckless or in the referee’s view, dangerous, will be considered a slide tackle and appropriately carded.


“CARELESS” indicates that a player has not exercised due caution in making her play.

If the foul was careless, simply a miscalculation of strength or a stretch of judgement by the player who committed it, then it is a normal foul requiring only a free kick and possibly, a verbal warning.


“RECKLESS” means that a player has made unnatural movements designed to intimidate an opponent or to gain an unfair advantage. If the play was reckless, clearly outside the norm for fair play, then the referee must award a direct free kick and caution for unsporting behaviour, showing the “YELLOW CARD”.


“DANGEROUS” is defined as when a player uses excessive force and has far exceeded the use of force necessary to make a fair play for the ball and places her opponent in considerable danger of bodily harm. This includes but is not limited to the following:

retaliation, tackling from behind, one or both feet with cleats showing above the ground, violent or excessive force. Referees’ must be particularly vigilant regarding offences involving use of excessive force.

All the above offences will be deemed as serious foul play with a “RED CARD” shown.  


Such offences are completely unacceptable to the Spirit of the Game and the safety of all players.

All violations of the Law which meet these criteria must be called and further appropriate punishment under F.I.F.A. Laws for misconduct must be administered.


Jeff Marsden



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